About Us

 ... and our Floral and Feathered Designer Accessories 

Lauren Lee and the “Finely Feathered” Princess Dahlia 
welcome you to HairFlowerClips.com.

Lauren Lee’s designs are on the artistic side of the floral and feather fashion trend. Her “Hand Picked” natural looking hair flower clips are guaranteed to instantly inspire a moment of joy. How long is lasts, is up to you!

We invite every woman to trust her own innate beauty,
feel her brilliance, know her boldness, and then 
adorn herself and her world accordingly.

Behind the initial seduction of the new “Finely Feathered” cocktail hat clips, is the alluring mystique of the graceful feathers. We hope you’ll find our hand made items delightfully enchanting and that you can feel and share that essence with others.